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Terms and Conditions for Windows in the Classroom Experience Project

These terms govern your educational institution’s participation in the Windows in the Classroom Experience Project. Qualified schools will receive a Microsoft Surface RT device1 and other project benefits. By accepting these terms, you represent and warrant that you have the authority to bind your educational institution to these terms. Only educational institutions meeting the following criteria will be eligible to participate in the Windows in the Classroom Experience Project:
  • If in 50 United States and the District of Columbia: K-12 educational institutions;
  • Outside of the United States: all educational institutions;
  • Teachers, administrators, or others of the educational institution have registered for and are physically attending the International Society for Technology in Education ("ISTE") conference in San Antonio, Texas in June of 2013;
  • If a public sector employee, the educator picking up the device on behalf of the institution must show a government issued identification card in order to receive the Surface RT Device at ISTE;
  • The educational institution must actively participate in the Microsoft forums and respond to Microsoft’s other occasional communication regarding the Windows in the Classroom Experience Project;
  • Each ISTE attendee who wishes to receive a device for their educational institution must register for the project by June 25th, 2013 and such attendee must physically pick-up their Surface RT device at ISTE; and
  • The educational institution provides the 2013 ISTE Surface Device Letter to Microsoft during the ISTE conference and provides all other necessary documentation, as may be reasonably requested by Microsoft.
Vendors and exhibitors attending ISTE are not eligible to participate in this project.
Limit: One Surface RT Device per ISTE attendee.

Microsoft will provide a free Surface RT device to the educational institution of each attendee at ISTE who signs up for the Windows in the Classroom Experience Project, available here: before June 25th, 2013. Microsoft will determine, in its sole discretion, whether a given educational institution is eligible for the project. Offer good only to the first 11,000 qualified registrants or until the end of ISTE, whichever comes first. Eligible attendees will receive a Surface RT Device for their schools at ISTE provided that they adhere to these terms and conditions and the policies and procedures put into place by Microsoft for fulfillment at ISTE. Microsoft will not fulfill the device by regular mail or by any other means. Microsoft reserves the right to disqualify any attendee and/or school who they believe is not complying with these offer terms and /or who is acting fraudulently with the intent to avoid offer restrictions or other limitations. It is the intent of Microsoft that the provision of the Surface RT Device specifically and the Windows in the Classroom Experience Project generally be compliant with all applicable laws, regulations and ethics rules. Microsoft offers the Surface RT Device and this Windows in the Classroom Experience Project without seeking promises or favoritism for Microsoft in any bidding arrangements. Further, no exclusivity will be expected by either party in consideration of the device or project. Finally, Microsoft makes this offer with the understanding that it will not, as a result of the donation, be prohibited from any procurement opportunities or be subject to any reporting requirements.

The Surface RT Devices are subject to the terms and conditions provided therein. Microsoft offers no additional warranties, support, or other benefits related to the Surface RT Devices through the Windows in the Classroom Experience Project.